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Screenshots of MTS D6.0 and D6.0A under Hercules

Originally posted by Gavin Eadie at on 24 December 2011.

From a command or terminal window make the directory or folder with the MTS files laid out as follows your current directory:

cd d6.0A

screenshot of the MTS d6.0A directory

Start Hercules

We will IPL from the disk (MTS600) which was assigned address 260, but first we need to start one or more TN3270 sessions so we have an MTS Operator's console and, when the time comes, some MTS terminal.

Start one or more TN3270 sessions on port "3270"

The 3270 screens show Hercules information.

Start MTS

Hercules: "IPL 260"

From the MTS Operator's Console

Do you want to run the current system (yes or no)?

From the D6.0 and D6.0A FAQs:

Q27: What do the various PA, PF, and other keys on the MTS 3270 Operator's console do?

A27:   PA1                 stops system status output (output from a /xxx command)
          PA2 or CNCL  is "Cancel"
          TEST-REQ      is "Pause"
          ENTER            sends an input line to the system
          CLEAR            refreshes or rewrites the screen
          PF keys           are shortcuts that enter predefined character strings 
                                  that may or may not be sent to the system as input, 
                                  if the lines are not sent automatically, they can be 
                                  sent by pressing the ENTER key. Use the %PF? command
                                  to display a list of PF key assignments.

Q28: How is the MTS Operator's Console used?

A28:  The screen has five areas: (1) the top two lines display system status load information; (2) the third line displays a list of status alerts that may be empty; (3) a message area in the middle displays messages and input requests from running jobs; (4) a request area near the bottom is used to: (i) start new jobs by entering the job name followed by zero or more parameters, (ii) enter HASP commands which start with a dollar sign ($), (iii) enter system status commands which start with a slash (/), and (iv) enter device commands which start with a percent sign (%); and (5) the last line where the "host" name, machine type, time, and date are displayed.  See pages 325 to 335 in the MTS Operator's Manual for more detailed information.

Is the time set correctly?

Check for offline devices

"** Just cancel ..." -- use the "PA2" key on the 3270 keyboard to cancel.

Let out the interactive terminal lines

At this point there's enough started to enable the interactive terminal devices. If necessary start additional tn3270 sessions on port "3270" and then from the MTS operator's console enter:  mts *las  (line adapter start).

The other 3270 screen(s) will leap into action:

Start HASP

This is optional, but you can start HASP by issuing the commands:



$release ex

Signon to MTS

When all is done, you need to take the system down gracefully

If you started HASP, issue the $drain system command from the MTS Operator's console

Enter "shutdown all" at the MTS console

Wait till you get the message saying "Shutdown All complete"

Then issue a Hercules "stopall" command and re-IPL or exit Hercules