1.3 Halfword overflow

posted Aug 20, 2013, 1:19 PM by David Lee
What a coincidence!  Just a few days ago at my post-Durham workplace (ECMWF, Berkshire) I was chatting to someone about this, having not mentioned it for years.

I, too, remember that incident.  This cropped up simultaneously at NCL and DUR.  I think the person who figured it out was Mike Ellison at Durham, who, as I recall, had called in sick that morning, but came in to address it and successfully diagnosed it, despite looking very poorly.  I think there was similar activity at NCL and some sort of similar difficulty of absence of the key personnel to address this, although I think there was someone (I forget who) who set to work on it at NCL.

I, too, recall that this "travelled with the Sun", so it hit us (the UK) first, then UMICH (and presumably RPI, etc.) then finally UBC/SFU.  (A pity that the MTS community hadn't had that prospective site in Yugoslavia!)

Of course, seen in retrospect from today, this makes MTS look like the Windows of its time, not like the UNIX of its time.  (Boo!  Hiss!  I hear you cry.)  Why?  Because MTS, like the Windows of yesteryear, did its timekeeping via local time, not by setting its clock to UTC and applying a timezone offset.  Had MTS been like UNIX, then we would all have been in it together...