#1: Pleas for help

posted Apr 4, 2012, 4:08 PM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Apr 4, 2012, 4:27 PM ]
From: Jeff Ogden
Subject: news from the MTS archiving / preservation / resurrection project
Date: January 26, 2012 9:50:24 PM EST
To: mts-interest@umich.edu

It has been 14 months since the last update to this group and there are a number of MTS related developments to report.


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*  There is interest from a few people on the H390-MTS e-mail list in adding an emulated HIM control unit to Hercules.

Help wanted:

*  We'd very much like to get more information for the MTS Archive or the MTS Wikipedia articles. In particular one area that could be expanded are the descriptions of the networking activities at sites other than U-M (UBCNet, NuNet, …). If you know of any write-ups or if you are willing to write something yourself, place contact us at the e-mail address given below.

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*  And we are looking for people knowledgeable about the UBC HIM to help the volunteers that want to add HIM emulation to Hercules. You don't have to write any code unless you want to. We are really looking for people to answer questions and provide general guidance. Again, contact us at the e-mail address below or join the H390-MTS Yahoo group.

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*  Previous versions of these MTS updates are available at:  http://archive.michigan-terminal-system.org/discussions/e-mail-archive-1.

*  Send questions and comments to:  mts-comments@umich.edu

  -Jeff  Ogden (W163)
  -Mike Alexander (MTA) 
  -Gavin Eadie (CL14, W267, GAV)
  -Tom Valerio (W237)  

On 2012-01-25, at 10:04 PM, Gavin Eadie wrote:

Gentlemen .. First, Happy New Year and, for those I've not talked to for ages, Several Happy New Years !!

As I believe you all know, a few of us in Ann Arbor are working to make MTS live on, not only in an archival form for the ages, but also in a functioning form for the nostalgic and the hobbyists who have leapt upon it to play with.  We have been amazed by how far people with absolutely no prior knowledge of MTS have managed to get, starting with just distribution tapes.

MTS D6.0 is available now and our goal is to advance past that to, essentially, the MTS that was running at UM in 1996, which we will call D7.0.  I'm writing because we want to get this better connected to the Internet.  Hercules, the S/370 emulator within which MTS is running, has no emulated 'hardware' for the MTS IP stack to connect with.  We want to create enough of an emulated HIM as part of Hercules to allow the various UBC DSP's that worked with the hardware of yesteryear to work again.  Several people from the Hercules community have expressed interest in working on this.  We'd like to encourage and support them.

We can do this ourselves, with time and effort, but because none of us really has enough HIM experience or knowledge to move that forward easily, we suspect that getting help from some of you would speed things up.  We'd also welcome hints about where to find any existing written descriptions beyond the MTS source code (real documentation, assorted UM-based *Forum listings, was there a UBC-based HIM/Networking *Forum that might still exist in some form?, and Workshop Proceedings).


I've sent this note to a fairly short list, and we know some of you don't have personal HIM experience; but you might be able to pass this along to others who would be intrigued.  All the very best, from us all .. Gavin

For more information on the background to all this, you can start at:


If you really want a walk down memory lane, you can fire up a TN3270 emulator and connect to port 3270 at the host named "xxxxx.org" .. that is an old Mac Cube (450MHz PPC G4, 768MB RAM) running the S/370 emulator Hercules, hosting Distribution 6 of MTS (1988).  You may have to send a "network break" to nudge it to the signon screen .. you can use id/pw of ccid/pw (or xx, xx, xx, etc).  I make no promise to keep this running but it's been chugging along unattended for about a week, and if I notice it's off the air, I'll restart it.  Yes, *Forum is available!!  Don't ask me to send you *PRINT* output or to mount tapes!

PS: There are only six 3270 devices enabled so don't all jump aboard at once !!

PPS: If you want to claim a ccid, just change the password, but please stay clear of xxxx-xxxx.