U-M Computing Center History

posted Dec 14, 2014, 2:42 PM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Jan 30, 2016, 9:00 PM ]
I knew about the January 1976 U-M Research News issue "A Faster Cratchit - The History of Computing at Michigan". It turns out that there were three earlier issues of the U-M Research News devoted to computing that I didn't know about until today.

From the November / December 1969 issue of U-M Research News:

This is the third Research News in five years to be devoted to computing on campus. The May, 1964, issue was an introduction to computation and a dilcussion of the IBM 7090, the University's central computer at that time. The June, 1966, issue surveyed computer installations and activities throughout all units of the University. The present issue describes how the system now operated by the Computing Center- the IBM System/360 Model 67- serves users either through batch processing or conversational interaction. The article presupposes no background knowledge of computer or computing. - Ed.

"A Faster Cratchit" has by far the best cover.

All four issues are available online:
  • "The Computing Center", U-M Research News
    • May 1964, Vol XVI, No 11  Hathi Trust
    • Bruce Arden was a consultant.
  • "University Resources in Computation", U-M Research News
  • "The Computing Center: Coming to Terms with the IBM System/360 Model 67", U-M Research News
    • November / December 1969, Vol XX, Nos. 5 and 6  Hathi Trust
    • Larry Flanigan and Al Emery were consultants.
  • "A Faster Cratchit - The History of Computing at Michigan", U-M Research News
    • January 1976, Vol. XXVII, No. 1, 24 pages, PDF/A, 4.8MB  MTS Archive
Other documents that address the history of computing at the University of Michigan:

  • History of Connectivity on Campus at UM's BHL
  • Introduction to Computing Center Services, September 1983  Hathi Trust
  • The University of Michigan Computing Center, Mary Ann Wilkes (ed)
  • Program for the dedication of the U-M Computing Center Building
  • Welcome to the University of Michigan Computing Center
  • U-M Computing Center 20 Year Anniversary Program
  • Computing at Michigan: From the MTS and the Computing Center to ITD and Microcomputers: The Defining Years (1966-1986), Thomas Madden
    • April 1999, 33 pages, a paper for History 265 at the University of Michigan, PDF/A, 466KB  Deep Blue
  • U-M Computing Center 45 Year Anniversary Program and Reception Honoring R. C. F. Bartels
    • September 2004, 65 pages, PDF/A, 12.4MB  Deep Blue
  • A Century of Connectivity at the University of Michigan, Nancy Bartlett, Nancy Deromedi, Alice Goff, Christa Lemelin, Brian Williams, Bentley Historical Library, University of Michigan, December 2007, 40 pages, PDF, 1.3MB.
  • Computing at the University of Michigan: The Early Years through the 1960s, Norman R. Scott, Computer Science and Engineering, UM College of Engineering, 2008
  • University of Michigan Computing Timeline, 1946 to 2012 (PDF), Bentley Historical Library in U-M's Deep Blue Digital Archive