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#1: Who was the original author?

posted Nov 8, 2012, 8:40 AM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Jun 26, 2020, 7:54 PM ]
There is some question about where the original "Paging Game" article was written and who the original author was.

As mentioned in the introduction to this discussion, the 19 June 1974 issue of the U-M Computing Center Newsletter cites Jeff Berryman at UBC as the author.

Richard Conto's web page says:

Note: This was originally found at http://isham-research.com/zarking.html

It was periodically re-published in the University of Michigan Computing Center (later called the Information Technology Department) Newsletter, although I recall it being attributed to someone (probably Jeff Berryman) at the University of British Columbia

The Paging Game

by Jeff Berryman, University of British Columbia, 1972

The Paging Game was written by Jeff Berryman when he was working on project MAC, specifically one of the virtual memory systems.

 . . .

Long Live the Thing King!

And here is something close to the original version, from the Project MAC manual.


Project MAC Computer Systems Research Division

 . . .

Long Live the VM Manager!

The article also appears in Chapter 7 of
the book Expert C Programming: Deep C Secrets [1994] by Peter van der Linden, who gives credit to Jeff Berryman and says:

Some Light Relief—The Thing King and the Paging Game

The section that follows was written by Jeff Berryman in 1972 when he was working on project MAC
and running one of the early virtual memory systems. Jeff somewhat rue-fully comments that of all the
papers he has ever written, this one is the most popular and widely read. It's as applicable today as it
was twenty years ago.

The Paging Game

This note is a formal non-working paper of the Project MAC Computer Systems Research Division. It
should be reproduced and distributed wherever levity is lacking, and may be referenced at your own
risk in other publications.