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Programming languages available under MTS

Working compilers and assemblers in D6.0 and D6.0A

posted Feb 25, 2012, 10:07 AM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Jun 13, 2015, 12:56 PM ]

Available in D6.0 and D6.0A

Unless otherwise noted these programs are available on the D6.0 and D6.0A starter disk and all appear to run under D6.0 or D6.0A, at least to the point that they will load, execute, accept some invalid input, produce an error message, and terminate.

*ALGOL         OS/360 Algol

*ALGOLW      Newcastle ALGOL W compiler

*ASMG           Assembler G (enhanced version of IBM's F level assembler from the University of Waterloo)

*ASSIST        Student S360/S370 assembler from Penn State University,
                        converted to MTS by UBC, version 4.0/A 11/28/83

*BASIC           University of Michigan implementation of BASIC, aka *BASICUM

*COBOLU       IBM OS American National Standard COBOL,
                          CB545 V2 LVL78 01MAY72, MTS ANSI COBOL 21.6

*CSMP           Continuous System Modeling Program

*EXPL            Extended XPL

*FORTRANG   FORTRAN G version 21.8

*FORTRANH  FORTRAN H Release 20.1 with University of Rochester and MTS changes

*GOM              Good Old Mad, Don Boettner's implementation of 7090 MAD
                         cleaned up for S/370

*GPSS            GPSS/360

*IF66               UBC's Interactive FORTRAN (NOV80)

*LISP              LISP 1.5 interpreter written by U-M's Mental Health Research Institute

*OVERDRIVE FORTRAN preprocessor (exists, but does not run, *SPITLIB does not exist,
                          will run when *SPITLIB is made available, see below)

*PIL                   Pittsburgh Interpretive Language

*PLUS              UBC Plus for S/370 version 28/16

*PLUS11          UBC Plus for the PDP-11 version 28/16

*PLUS68          UBC Plus for the Motorola 68000 version 28/16 (not on 1996 system)

*PL1F                PL/I(F) Version 5.5 compiler (Release 21.8). (*PL1 does not exist, but *PL1F does)

*PL360             PL360 is based on a copy received from Stanford in late 1977

*RATFOR         A FORTRAN preprocessor

*SNOBOL4      SNOBOL4 interpreter version 3.10, April 1, 1973, MTS version May 1, 1975

*SNOBOL4B    SNOBOL4 interpreter version 3 with support for the BLOCKS feature

*SNOSTORM   A SPITBOL preprocessor (exists, but does not run, *SPITLIB does not exist,
                            will run when *SPITLIB is made available, see below)

*TANGO            A replacement language for SNOBOL4 and SPITBOL from the U-M Computing Center
                           (exists, but does not run, Undefined symbol: PJBXMAIN, will run when
                            PASCALJB is made available, see below)

*UTILISP         University of Tokyo LISP
*XLISP            XLISP: An Experimental Object-oriented Language from David Michael Betz


*11ASR            PDP-11 Assembler, version AN231

*1130ASM       IBM 1130 and 1800 Assembler

*I8080ASR   (AN318)  a relocatable cross-assembler for the INTEL 8080

*M6800ASR (AN318) an absolute cross-assembler for the Motorola M6800

*M6809ASR (AR168)  an absolute cross-assembler for the Motorola 6809

*MCS650XASR (AN318)  an absolute cross-assembler for the MOS Technology MCS6500 family

*PDP11ASR  (AN318) a relocatable cross-assembler for the DEC PDP11 models 5,
                         10, 20, 3(LSI), 35, and 40
                     runs OK once COPY:PDP11*SAL is restored from 6.0t2 file 1453 and
                         permitted read others

*Z80ASR  (AN318)

UNSP:Flx  A version of the FLECS FORTRAN preprocessor that is interfaced to the IBM G & H compilers.
UNSP:F8ASR A cross-assembler for the Mostek F8

UNSP:PLM  A cross compiler for the INTEL 8080 PL/M language

UNSP:11PAL A DEC compatable PDP-11 assembler and simulator

Not in D6.0 or D6.0A, but can be restored from *FS distribution tapes

These programs are not on the D6.0 or D6.0A starter disk, but can be restored from the *FS distribution tapes. The distribution tape that holds the component is indicated in parentheses below. See the distribution driver file listings for more detailed information.

*APL          IBM's APL\360 (5.0T1)
                    APL is a general-purpose computing language first defined by K. E. Iverson in
                    A Programming Language (Wiley, 1962). The APL language is described in the
                    following IBM publications:  APL/360 User's Manual (GH20-0906);
                    APL/360 Primer, Student Text (GH20-0689); APL Language (GC26-3847). U-M
                    Computing Center Memo 382, the MTS APL Users' Guide, from May 1978 is available
                    in the Hathi Trust Digital Library, see:

*APLGM    General  Motors  APL  (Associative Programming  Language)  translator (5.0T2)
                     This is the General Motors' associative programming language, APL, not to be
                     confused with component *APL (465). APL, pronounced "apple", is a superset
                     of PL/I, which has extensions in the area of data structure processing. It is intended
                     primarily for large scale structural design applications, particularly those involving
                     interactive graphics. It comes from the GM Research Lab north of Detroit with which
                     the University of Michigan has a long relationship. For a description of the  language, 
                     see  U-M Computing  Center  Memo  236 (10 April 1973),  "The  General Motor’s
                     Associative Programming Language"

*ASMT       IBM TSS Assembler (5.0T2)

*ICON        The ICON compiler, Version II. Originally written by
                    Ralph E. Griswald at the University of Arizona.  (5.1t2)
                    IBM 360-370 adaptation by Lois J. Morton at the Systems
                    Analysis Center, North Carolina University.
                    This was a very old version of ICON.

*UMIST       an  interactive  text-processing  language  patterned  after  TRAC (5.0T1)

*1ASR         PDP-1 Assembler  (OBSOLETE in D6.0) (5.0T1)

*8ASR         PDP-8  Assembler  (OBSOLETE in D6.0) (5.0T1)

*9ASR         PDP-9  Assembler  (OBSOLETE in D6.0) (5.0T1)

UNSP:BCPL    (6.0t5) This version of BCPL, written at UNE, is derived from a
                          "recent" version of the Cambridge compiler. The library has been
                          completely rewritten almost entirely in BCPL, and includes various
                          MTS-specific features such as access to line numbers.

ALGOL68C      (4.0t3)

Not in D6.0 or D6.0A because of copyright or licensing restrictions that have been removed allowing the programs to be made available

These programs will be distributed in the future as part of a new D6.0B or D1996 distribution.

*GPSSH, and *GPSSH2  From Jim Henriksen's Wolverine Software Corporation

*SPITBOL      Version 2 of the SNOBOL4 Compiler from the Illinois Institute of Technology
                      SPITBOL - V2.2.6 - I.I.T., MTS VERSION 06-01-77
                      This is SPITBOL 360 which is available under the GPL


*PLC             Cornell compiler  for PL/I  release 7.6
                        (sadly the source seems to have been lost by Cornell and
                         everyone else including U-M)

The Waterloo compilers:
*PROLOGC  Edinburgh syntax Waterloo Prolog compiler running under VSS on MTS

*PROLOGW  Waterloo syntax Prolog compiler running under VSS on MTS

*WATBOL      Waterloo COBOL

*WBASIC       Waterloo Basic

*WATFIV        Waterloo FORTRAN IV
                         WATFOR was supported in MTS from 1968 to 1971; in February
                            1971, it was replaced by WATFIV.

Does not run under the D6.0 system, but will be made available as part of the 1996 system 

*C89   A C compiler that conforms with the American National Standard for
            Information Systems – Programming Language C (ANSI X3.159-1989
            or the ANSI C Standard).

Not in D6.0 or D6.0A, but it may be possible to make them available

This language processor was not distributed because of copyright, licensing, or other restrictions, but these restrictions may have been removed or relaxed and, if that can be confirmed, and we can find the source or object code, it is possible that the language could be made available for use with MTS today.

*MAD/I          A new language developed at U-M as part of the CONCOMP project.

Not distributed because of copyright, licensing, or other restrictions

It may not be possible to distribute these programs.

*APL                    IBM VS APL V3.0
                              APL\360 was supported in MTS at the University of Michigan until
                              Fall 1982 when the new IBM version of APL, VS APL, replaced it.
                              This version of APL reflects the U-M Computing Center's adaptation
                              of IBM's workspace conversion process and the Center's refinement
                              and extension of the University of Alberta's MTS interface development
                              to support the terminals at U-M. CC Memo 435A is an update to and
                              replacement for CC Memo 435 and describes the evolution of VS APL
                              on  MTS "to support UMnet and Telenet connections, the IBM Personal
                              Computer as an intelligent APL workstation and the production of APL
                              symbolic output on the Xerox 9700 page printer". U-M Computing Center
                              Memo 435A, the MTS VS APL Users' Guide, from May 1984 is available
                              in the Hathi Trust Digital Library, see:

*ASMH                IBM Assembler H V2
                               The IBM program  product  Assembler  H,  Version  2  (program number
                               5668-962) modified for use in  MTS. The MTS version of ASMH is described
                               in MTS Volume 14: 360/370 Assemblers in MTS, in Assembler H Version 2
                               Application Programming: Language Reference (form GC26-4037), and in
                               Assembler H Version 2 Application Programming: Guide (form SC26-4036).
                               Several extensions to Assembler H are adapted from changes made to
                               Assembler H by Gregory J. Mushial at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center.
                               The SLAC changes are described in MTS Volume 14 and in SLAC Computing
                               Services User Note 100.

*CBELL               AT&T Bell Laboratories C compiler (exists in D6.0 and D6.0A, but does not run,
                              Initial load failed code=0, requires *ASMH and several other support files,
                              *CBELLASMMAC, ETC.:CBELL.CPP, ETC.:CBELL.C, that were not distributed).

*COBOLVS         IBM OS/VS COBOL Release 2.3 + PTF 8

*C87                   ANSI Standard C compiler 

*FORTRANVS    IBM VS FORTRAN Levels 2.1.1, 2.2.0, and 2.5.0

*IF77                   UBC's Interactive FORTRAN

*PASCALVS       IBM VS Pascal Release 2.2

*PL1OPT            IBM PL/I Optimizing Compiler Version 1 Release 3.1


UNSP:SIM25      CACI, Inc.'s Simscript II.5 release 8G

UNSP:SIM93      CACI, Inc.'s Simscript version 9.3 

UNSP:68000ASR  Motorola's assembler for the M68000

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