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#2: 3270 terminal emulators

posted Jun 27, 2011, 5:46 PM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Dec 6, 2015, 6:59 AM ]
If you want to use MTS with Hercules, you'll need a 3270 terminal emulation program. Here are some hints:

tn3270 for the Macintosh, see  https://www.brown.edu/cis/tn3270/index.html#latest  or   http://www.brown.edu/cis/tn3270/

Vista tn3270 for Windows, see http://www.tombrennansoftware.com

See  http://x3270.bgp.nu/  for:
  • x3270, an IBM 3270 terminal emulator for the X Window System and Windows. It runs on most Unix-like operating systems -- e.g., Linux, Mac OS X, Solaris, and Cygwin. It also runs natively on Windows.
  • c3270, a curses-based version for use on a dumb terminal (e.g., a serial terminal or a Linux console).
  • wc3270, a Windows console version of c3270.
  • Also available is x026, an IBM 026 Keypunch emulator :-).
See  http://h3270.sourceforge.net/  for:
  • h3270, a program that allows you to use IBM 3270 hosts from within a web browser.
The programs listed above, except for Vista tn3270, are available for free.  Vista tn3270 costs just $30 (January 2012). There are also many non-free 3270s terminal emulators available and probably additional free versions as well.

On 21 June 2011 Mike Alexander reported:
x3270 is available via MacPorts (http://www.macports.org/ and https://trac.macports.org/browser/trunk/dports/x11/x3270/Portfile).  I just installed it and it seems to work ok once I figured out that you can't connect to "localhost" since that tries an IPV6 connection which doesn't work (probably because Hercules doesn't support it), and it won't fall back to IPV4.

The Hercules General Information document has additional information about tn3270 clients.

From: Steven J Gold
Subject: [H390-MTS] New version of tn3270 released for OSX 10.9
Date: November 10, 2013 9:48:19 PM EST
To: h390-mts@yahoogroups.com
Reply-To: H390-MTS@yahoogroups.com

tn3270 is a terminal emulation program for connecting to computers which use IBM 3270 terminals. Major features of the emulation include color, extended highlighting, support for different screen and font sizes, and SSL support. Some more obscure features include support for the APL character set, and support for file transfer and remote printing when tn3270 is used with an IBM VM/CMS host. The Classic version of tn3270 also supports 3179 graphics emulation.

There is no license fee for either commercial or non-commercial use of the tn3270 application. The tn3270 source code is freely-licensed for non-commercial use, but must be licensed for commercial use.

****What's new in this version: Version 3.4.0 is an update to version 3.3 that supports OS X Mavericks***. It also includes experiment support for the tn3270e protocol and for client SSL certificates.

- - - - -
Read more: tn3270 for Mac - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download.com http://download.cnet.com/tn3270/3000-20432_4-75860370.html#ixzz2kIjzqVI5