TV show filmed partially at UBC Computing Centre computer room

posted Nov 9, 2014, 6:44 AM by Jeff Ogden
From: Doug Wade
Subject: Episode of Booker TV show filmed partially at UBC Computing Centre computer room
Date: November 9, 2014 6:01:19 AM EST
To: Jeff Ogden

One thing I remember while working at the UBC Computing Centre was that the mainframe computer room was used for a filming of some scenes of an episode for the TV Series Booker. Booker was a 1989-1990 single season spin-off of “21 Jump Street”. Anyhow I happened to be poking around Youtube and somebody has uploaded the episode “Hacker”. I just looked quickly and the computer room  is shown at 4:11 minutes of the first part (the episode has been uploaded to Youtube broken into six parts. I also see the computer room is shown again at 1:42 of the second part. Most of the scenes are filmed in front of the MTS-G and MTS-A operator consoles. The 3278 that they are sitting at was used by operators as a MTS terminal for various tasks.

See: - If that link does not work then just search in Youtube for “Booker 1x13” and that goes to the episode.

Doug Wade

According to IMDB "Hacker" is Booker: Season 1, Episode 13 (4 February 1990):

Series storyline: Dennis Booker, an ex-cop, is hired by the US office of a large Japanese company to investigate some suspect insurance claims. He is very anti-authority, resents being told what to do, and seems to spend most of his time investigating cases related to his family, friends and colleagues rather than his employers.

Episode plot summary: A computer hacker from inside Teshima begins playing tricks on employees of the company, and he singles out Booker, leaving a trail of evidence for him to follow. However, when federal agents become involved with the case, it becomes apparent that the hacker is involved with something more serious.

Director: Bryan Spicer
Writers: Stephen J. Cannell (created by), Eric Blakeney (created by), Charles Grant Craig (teleplay), Carleton Eastlake (story, teleplay), and Thania St. John (teleplay)
Stars: Richard Grieco, Marcia Strassman, Katie Rich