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Material from the Doug Wade (UBC) collection

In April 2014 Doug Wade sent copies of some of the materials from what he described as his "MTS hoard" with an offer to make more items available upon request. This discussion item is being used to collect that information.

UBC Computing Centre 25th Anniversary (1982)

posted Jan 14, 2015, 6:46 AM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Jan 14, 2015, 7:09 AM ]

From: Doug Wade
Subject: UBC Computing Centre 25th Anniversary (1982)
Date: January 14, 2015 2:53:07 AM EST
To: Jeff Ogden

Hi Jeff

Earlier last year I had sent you the UBC Computing Centre 50th Anniversary document which you put in the MTS archive.
I discovered the other day that I had the handout from the 25th Anniversary in 1982 that might also be of interest to you.

The handout was in 3 parts:

1) a pin to be worn - scanned as a jpeg.
2) 3 8.5x11 pages (“The Student Area, 2 page invitation to 25th Anniversary party on March 25th, 1982 and a lecture by Vern Detwiler on March 18th, 1982)
3) An 8x11 document describing the Computing Centre and Department of Computing Centre facilities in the “Computing Sciences Building” (now known as the Leonard S. Klinck Building).
Note this document folded open into a double size sheet which was difficult to scan. I can try scanning it again if this is not up to the quality you like.

I’m sending this to you in the 3 parts I described - jpeg of badge is 171 KB, Student area document is 2.5MB and 3rd document is 4.1MB.
Can you confirm receiving these. I might try and send them a 2nd time using the Mail program to shrink them.

Doug Wade

From: Jeff Ogden
Subject: Re: UBC Computing Centre 25th Anniversary (1982)
Date: January 14, 2015 8:26:50 AM EST
To: Doug Wade
Cc: mts-comments, Donald Boettner

Thanks Doug. All good stuff.

I got four messages with three attachments (a jpeg and two PDFs).  The quality for all of them seems fine.

I'll add all three documents to the MTS Archive. I may combine them all into a single PDF.

I'm starting to get the sense that you are a pretty big packrat.  Don Boettner was the biggest Ann Arbor packrat. In the past I would have and did make fun of the packrats.  In the present, I need to apologize and thank them for preserving and making so many materials available that would have otherwise been lost.


A PDF containing all three items is available at:


TV show filmed partially at UBC Computing Centre computer room

posted Nov 9, 2014, 6:44 AM by Jeff Ogden

From: Doug Wade
Subject: Episode of Booker TV show filmed partially at UBC Computing Centre computer room
Date: November 9, 2014 6:01:19 AM EST
To: Jeff Ogden

One thing I remember while working at the UBC Computing Centre was that the mainframe computer room was used for a filming of some scenes of an episode for the TV Series Booker. Booker was a 1989-1990 single season spin-off of “21 Jump Street”. Anyhow I happened to be poking around Youtube and somebody has uploaded the episode “Hacker”. I just looked quickly and the computer room  is shown at 4:11 minutes of the first part (the episode has been uploaded to Youtube broken into six parts. I also see the computer room is shown again at 1:42 of the second part. Most of the scenes are filmed in front of the MTS-G and MTS-A operator consoles. The 3278 that they are sitting at was used by operators as a MTS terminal for various tasks.

See: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EfBn58pPbto&index=80&list=PL4FCF5DAD6073DBE4&spfreload=10 - If that link does not work then just search in Youtube for “Booker 1x13” and that goes to the episode.

Doug Wade

According to IMDB "Hacker" is Booker: Season 1, Episode 13 (4 February 1990):

Series storyline: Dennis Booker, an ex-cop, is hired by the US office of a large Japanese company to investigate some suspect insurance claims. He is very anti-authority, resents being told what to do, and seems to spend most of his time investigating cases related to his family, friends and colleagues rather than his employers.

Episode plot summary: A computer hacker from inside Teshima begins playing tricks on employees of the company, and he singles out Booker, leaving a trail of evidence for him to follow. However, when federal agents become involved with the case, it becomes apparent that the hacker is involved with something more serious.

Director: Bryan Spicer
Writers: Stephen J. Cannell (created by), Eric Blakeney (created by), Charles Grant Craig (teleplay), Carleton Eastlake (story, teleplay), and Thania St. John (teleplay)
Stars: Richard Grieco, Marcia Strassman, Katie Rich

Message from an MTS hoarder, 16 April 2014

posted Apr 24, 2014, 6:15 AM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Apr 24, 2014, 7:35 PM ]

From: Doug Wade
Subject: An MTS hoarder
Date: April 16, 2014 4:55:05 PM EDT
To: Jeff Ogden

Hi Jeff

Not sure if you are interested in this at all. In the next few files I am going to send you some of the contents of my MTS hoard.
I scanned the hardcopy I had of *pizzadelivery, the handout from the UBC Computing 50th anniversary and also a Word document of the MTS related material I have in hardcopy.

If anything on that listing interests you then I can always scan it for you - no guarantee of my speediness though.

Feel free to do anything you wish with what I send you. Pass it on to others in case they are interested.

Next thing I will do today or tomorrow is make some digital pictures of any MTS memorabilia that I have.

    Doug Wade

See an inventory of Doug's MTS Hardcopy Materials, April 2014, PDF

From: Jeff Ogden
Subject: Re: Scan file sizes
Date: April 16, 2014 7:48:05 PM EDT
To: Doug Wade
Cc: mts-comments@umich.edu

I haven't looked at them all yet, but I received six e-mail messages from you today (including this one). Three of the messages had one attachment each, one had 13 attachments, and two had none. I'm guessing that everything made it through to me OK.

Thanks for sending this. I'm sure I will put some or probably all of it on the MTS Archive Web site and submit it to the U-M Bentley Historical Library's collection of U-M Computing Center related materials.


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