x'10' (16). Others: Amdahl, McGill, Stanford, Waterloo, U of Illinois, & Viktors

posted Jan 20, 2011, 8:22 PM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Jan 20, 2011, 8:50 PM ]
While reading the MTS distribution notes I learned that these sites received copies of MTS:

 AMD     Amdahl Corporation             D4.0  D4.1  D4.2  D4.3  D5.0  D5.1  (1973 - 1983)
              ATTN:  Bill Ehrman
              1250 East Arques Avenue
              Sunnyvale, CA 94086

  VIK       Viktors Berstis                     D4.0  (1977)
              366 Elton Hills Drive
              Rochester, MN 55901

              McGill University Hospitals  D6.0 (1988)
              ATTN: Clifford Kuhl
              C/O ST Systems
              Southfield, MI

              Stanford University              D3.0  (1973)
              James H.  Moore           
              Computation Center
              Stanford, CA 94305

              The University of Waterloo   D3.0  (1973)
              Sandra Ward       
              Computing Centre
              Waterloo, Ontario

              University of Illinois              D3.0 (1973)
              Mike Randall   
              Digital Computer Laboratory

I don't think Amdahl was a real MTS site.  They just kept the tapes for our connivance and may have run some tests using MTS occasionally.

I think of Viktors as a person rather than a site. He worked for the UM Computing Center where he rewrote the Editor. Later he went to work for IBM. I assume that the arrangement with Viktors was informal as an individual and not an arrangement with an employee of IBM.

Does anyone remember anything about McGill (in Southfield, MI?), Stanford, Waterloo, or the University of Ill.?  Most of these were D3.0, but McGill was D6.0. I assume that these were all evaluation copies and that they never really went anywhere, but I don't really know that.