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#8: 24 June 2015: MTS reference in the AMC series "Halt and Cache Fire"

posted Jun 23, 2015, 10:37 PM by Jeff Ogden
From: Jeff Ogden
Subject: MTS reference in the AMC series "Halt and Cache Fire"
Date: June 24, 2015 1:24:41 AM EDT
To: mts-interest@umich.edu

I haven't sent out a note to this list in quite sometime, but the following message posted to the MTS on Hercules group [H390-MTS] is too good to pass up. Hope you enjoy it.


Begin forwarded message:

From: "Ron Frederick"
Subject: [H390-MTS] MTS reference in "Halt and Cache Fire"
Date: June 22, 2015 10:11:07 PM EDT
To: h390-mts@yahoogroups.com

I’m not sure if anyone here on the list watches the AMC series “Halt and Catch Fire”, but there was a nice reference to MTS in this week’s episode. It’s a series set in the 80s that started off mainly about a company building IBM clones. This season, though, they’ve moved on to early online gaming and networking, and two of the characters were talking about taking spare cycles on IBM mainframes and leasing them out to other companies by installing timesharing software on them. The exchange went something like:

Gordon: "Alright, I’ve put together an equipment list. Just so you know, converting the mainframe to timesharing isn’t as easy as flipping a switch. I mean, the T1 connections alone are going to take a few days."

Joe: “I already had three high-speed T1 lines installed. I just need you to finish the connections and install IBM’s timesharing option.”

Gordon: “Alright. We should use Michigan Terminal Systems. It’s much more reliable than IBM.”
Ron Frederick

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For more information about the AMC series "Halt and Catch Fire", see:


The episode that Ron is referring to is Season 2, Episode 4, "Play With Friends", 45 minutes, which originally aired on 21 June 2015. The reference to Michigan Terminal Systems occurs at roughly 23:30 to 24:30 in the episode.

I don't subscribe to cable, but I was able to buy access to the episode through Google Play for $1.99.

A transcript of the episode's dialog is also available at http://transcripts.foreverdreaming.org/viewtopic.php?f=176&t=19153.