x'1D' (29): The Subtasking Monitor and Environment Switch

posted Sep 9, 2019, 2:53 AM by Jeff Ogden   [ updated Sep 9, 2019, 2:56 AM ]
I received the following message from Ralph Sayle the other day. Ralph and I share the same birthday, October 14th.

From: Ralph Austin Sayle
To: Jeff Ogden
Subject: Two items for the mts archives

Greetings Jeff and since our birthdays are a month and a few days away, I won’t mention them.

But recently I found the answer to the grandchildren’s question “what did you do when you worked.”

First off I must declare I had no children and they had no children but I do have a former great nephew whose wife works with information systems at SFU. He is slightly amused at how things used to work... like me.

So two items for the MTS archives: Jeff Berryman’s 1980 paper on “Using the Subtasking Monitor for MTS DSRs” and my very recent “summary” of “What was the Environment Switch”.

Jeff’s paper was his blueskying of what shortly was named Environment Switch. I never read it at the time but did my implementation from his stripped down diagram.

My summary is larger than it needs to be because it backs up to explain the Resource Manager terms, tools, timelines and people. This is documentation that should be elsewhere but isn’t.

Historians say that a history should be written a 100 years after an event. I waited nearly 40 years and if I waited any longer, there’d be neither an audience nor a writer.



The two PDFs included in Ralph's message: