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Richard Ibbotson wrote:

What's the earliest reference to open source anyone knows?  I found
this in a 1965 paper:
The Michigan Terminal System (MTS) emerged in the early 70s,
with the source code shared and maintained by a number of unis.


 "The Michigan Terminal System (MTS) was an IBM mainframe compatible
  operating system which came out of the University of Michigan in the
  early 1970s. MTS was developed and maintained by a consortium of
  universities around the world including ..."


 "May 1967 MTS released to campus as operating system for IBM 360/67."
 "November 1968 University of British Columbia runs MTS"

And elsewhere <http://www.clock.org/~jss/work/mts/overview.html>:

 "Whereas other systems made users feel like it was just them one-on-one
  with a computer, MTS was designed with many features that enabled sharing
  and collaboration. Users were able to collaborate with MTS developers, and
  vice versa. According to Bob Parnes, architect of the Confer system,
  'MTS was our system; it belonged to the University, not to a corporation.'"

Other refs:


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