1. Why did you dedicate APUE to MTS?

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From http://www.kohala.com/start/rstevensfaq.html :

Q: Why did you dedicate APUE to MTS (the Michigan Terminal System)?

I was an undergraduate at Michigan from 1968-1973 and the first computer I used was an IBM 360/67 running MTS for the Fortran programming course required of all Freshman engineers. The textbook was a homegrown text by Brice Carnahan and James Wilkes with Elliot Organick's Fortran IV book as a supplementary text. MTS was a fantastic system with lots of neat ideas and was developed around the same time as Unix. Like Unix, MTS had ideas that were ahead of its time, especially when compared to the other alternative OSes that were available for an IBM mainframe. Unfortunately for MTS, it ran on expensive IBM mainframes and Unix ran on cheap PDP-11s. As they say, the rest is history. 

APUE is Advanced Programming in the UNIX Environment, W. Richard Stevens, Addison-Wesley, 1992

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